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Interdev Group has initiated its activities in media, starting with an exclusive media platform for technology affairs to accelerate platformization opportunities in the ICT segment and to advocate the digital transformation in the region. We believe that echoing the voices of opportunity & challenges associated with various industries to “inspire a collective opinion for a collaborative impact” is our humble contribution to the advancing excellence of this nation.

Tech X

TECHx is an exclusive media platform for technology, facilitating updates & news from tech world. We are  in the business of  promoting new technological innovations, product launches, and exclusive market insights on technology and interdependent domains.

  • TECHx International Student's Forum creatively engages the young technology aspirants.

  • Technology Media Syndication.

  • Technology Policy Advocacy​ (TECHx encourages all governments and NGOs globally, to develop policies, standards, and regulations that promote innovation and growth for the tech industry).

We are the first of its kind tech media initiative which is completely focused on the idea of "by technology, for technology, of technology".

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