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- Interdev Technology Research initiatives 
- Interdev Business & Market Research initiatives 


Interdev Technology Research initiatives

Interdev Technology Research Initiatives is dedicated to study, prepare and develop new applications, IP owned products in the segment of AI, Block chain, Software Design Network (SDN), IoT, and Big Data management.

Our research output helped many large enterprises in technology segment and product manufacturers. Our research team has created unique algorithm to develop new applications in the segment of health care applications, industry automations and Edu-tech industry. Our research labs are situated in Bangalore, the largest silicon based industry hub of India. Interdev Technology start up initiatives are running under ITRI.


Interdev Business & Market Research initiatives 

Focused in smart research studies in the area of changing dynamism of enterprises market, business management tools, control systems, applications and programmatic marketing trends. We bring AI applications to generate on-the-go analytic reports which help any campaigner to generate the unique business intelligences for optimal results.

We believe that acknowledging the inter dependency and integration of business as an essential part of 21st century 

- Corporate Strategy, Interdev Group

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