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With the onset of a data economy, the power of data-driven businesses to thrive the disruptive market forces has become unquestionable. But in most cases, even a deep understanding of one’s business intelligence is simply not enough to predict the roadmap for a futuristic existence. However, if we complement data-driven business intelligence with appropriate cross-industrial insights, we can easily derive a solution to unlock the uncertainties of any business plan and its ability to add value in the long run. Plotting on this very essential idea and upholding the intelligence of data and sanctity of non-partisanship, Interdev Group of Companies offers comprehensive consultancy services under 5 domains: Data Analytics, Corporate Strategy, Branding & Marketing, Valuation & Budget Planning, and HR Productivity & Optimization.

of data and
sanctity of non-partisanship"


The present-day human civilization is built on the power of technology and it is the underlying dynamic infrastructure that directs the development of the human race to the unknown future. Closely observing the direction of the current technological progress, humanity is taking a big leap with the ongoing Industrial Revolution. As we advance into the present Industrial Revolution or “AI Revolution” beginning with the 5G networks; we are stepping into a post disruptive era characterized by fewer dilemmas and more collaboration.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has become the big game-changer in the global economy, and much of this value potential is yet to be tapped. Estimates from widely referred reports and insights show that AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in the next ten years, more than the current output of China and India combined. These reports show that the Middle East region is expected to accrue 2% of the total global benefits of AI in 2030. This is equivalent to US$320 billion. In absolute terms, the largest gains are expected to accrue to Saudi Arabia where AI is expected to contribute over US$135.2 billion in 2030 to the economy, equivalent to 12.4% of GDP. In relative terms, the UAE is expected to see the largest impact of close to 14% of 2030 GDP.

Owing to our legacy in system integration and ICT distribution in the MENA region over the first two decades, we had this unique opportunity of analyzing the pulse of the ICT boom in close range and thus making visionary initiatives in the emerging technology landscape of the region. The Middle East is gaining an unprecedented strategic importance in the global map in this contemplation. The region’s transformation from an oil economy to an AI-based economy is clear and evident. With the power of the disruptive capital and the promises of AI contribution to the GDP, the Middle East is going to be the cradle of technology in the upcoming decades. This phenomenon will eventually pave its way to the birth of the next generation “Silicon Valley” in the heart of the Arab land.

Interdev Group of Companies is one of the early visionaries to build on this opportunity. The organization’s initiatives in technology has two prime purposes: one, to act as an infrastructure partner for all businesses converging at the interdependent platform of its highly inclusive corporate strategy and two, to play an integral role in the post-oil economy technology boom with active thrust in the areas of ICT spectrum spanning from system integration to technology consulting.

"Middle East is gaining unprecedented strategic importance in the global map in this contemplation"


Reports show that by 2030, AI technology is expected to contribute over 14% of the UAE’s GDP. However, the massive deployment of the complex AI systems into the B2B and B2C markets is more of an educational and advocacy process and is essential to popularize AI solutions across different stakeholders (Product Vendors, Solution Providers, Distributors, System Integrators, Resellers, Retail Chains, SMEs, MSMEs, and Consumers) of the UAE economy. This is certainly beyond the scope of the current marketing and distribution models. Inspired by the spirit of this noble vision, Interdev Group of Companies initiated its activities in media, starting with an exclusive media platform for technology affairs. We believe that echoing the voices of opportunity & challenges associated with technological revolution to “inspire a collective opinion for a collaborative impact” is our humble contribution to the advancing excellence of this nation.

“inspire a collective opinion for a collaborative impact”


If technology is the spirit of the current age, “Platformization” is the spirit of the current business models. The ability to scale businesses beyond boundaries coupled with the digital market places offers limitless opportunities to entrepreneurial activities across the globe.

Even the ongoing trend of de-globalization is the result of emerging globalization in digital space. Interdev Group of Companies, inspired by its vision of “Interdependent Development” takes a deep interest in addressing business as an ecosystem where the creation of market place forms an integral part. Exploring the new spectrum in the “Blue Ocean” space, we also have a significant aspiration to pioneer in newborn market places. Evolving on this insight, our organization has two prime interests in the e-commerce domain: one, helping enterprises to strategize and scale in e-commerce platforms; and two, developing exclusive and authentic market place for businesses to cater to a precise target audience.

"Exploring the new spectrum in the Blue-Ocean-Space"


The fashion industry is highly reflective of the imagination, desire, and psyche of human civilization. However, fashion is not all about exalting the limits of human desires to look up to an optimistic future, but also a strong medium through which we have preserved our heritage, legacy, and essence of what we were. Interdev Group of Companies initiates its activities in the fashion industry with a “Bi-Focal Green Approach” of one, preserving the legacy and values of our heritage and culture; and two, transcending the experiential economy in the backdrop of an AI revolution, by means of fashion products with strong environmental commitment.

When human experiences get transformed at the conjecture of an AI revolution, fashion is one of the hot spots to look out for the visible signs of the AI impact. The fashion industry adopting the emerging technologies of the present Industrial Revolution should be a clear indicator of how AI is going to impact all walks of human life.

"A “Bi-Focal Green Approach”
Creating interdependent businesses that stand the test of time

- Corporate Strategy, Interdev Group

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