Our Corporate Ideology is the foundation of our vision and strategy.


A Quintessence of Collaboration

Technology is an essential ingredient of any business in today’s world. The increasing affordability of technology and the possibility of scaling up beyond borders has become the crux of achieving sustainability in entrepreneurial initiatives in 21st century. 

Coupled with market disruptions which challenge the monopoly of premium players and business models, organizations across various industries are evolving in to entities with a new identical essence. Organizations start to identify the dogma of technology and scalability as the identical essence or standard of any business venture in present times. In such a scenario, innovation becomes an inevitable factor for many enterprises in creating a unique identity in the market and building a strong foundation for the future.

Unlike earlier times, the corporate monopoly over innovation is drastically decreasing and making its way for startups coming up with disruptive ideas. Hence, a deep collaborative spirit in inter-industry activities and intra-industry activities is the way forward for any organization looking towards a bright future. This is primarily because of two factors; one, changing hegemony in innovation, and two, the trans-disciplinary spirit of the current industrial revolution which exhibits a trend of collaborative efforts between different domains.

The context hence strongly demands an inclusive inter-industrial platform built on the visionary spirit of embracing a post-disruptive interdependent development for various stakeholders of entrepreneurial ecosystem who can plug-in their ventures. The generosity of our vision is thus conceived upon this faith that we will act as a platform for promoting maximum entrepreneurship where entrepreneurs can render their businesses enjoying the quintessence of collaboration for sustainable and guaranteed development. 


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Our ideology also appreciates the fact that organizations of future are not associated with the reality of the present. And relating to the ideas of a “Blue Ocean Strategy”, we proudly embrace the risk of exploring the industries which are not in existence today - the unknown market space, untainted by competition.

With the unleashing of the “5G Wave”, the Middle East market has blown the trumpet for a post-disruptive era characterized by a defined roadmap and less dilemma. We believe that acknowledging the interdependency and integration of business as an essential part of 21st century business mantra and form the fundamentals of sustainability and business diversification in this post-pandemic period.

Our ideology is our compass for the future.

We believe that acknowledging the inter dependency and integration of business as an essential part of 21st century 

- Corporate Strategy, Interdev Group

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