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Interdev Group initiated its activities in the fashion industry with a “Bi-Focal” approach of:

i)  Preserving the legacy and values of our heritage and culture

ii) Transcending the customer's fashion experience by leveraging           emerging technologies.


When human experiences get transformed at conjecture of an AI revolution, fashion is one of the hot spots to look out for the visible signs of the AI impact. Fashion industry adopting the emerging technologies of the present Industrial Revolution should be a clear indicator of how AI is going to impact all walks of human life.

Interdev Fashion

Interdev fashion is MEA’s first corporate initiative to popularize high fashion in the day-to-day lifestyle of the region. Acting upon this vision, the organization has launched the brand “OGIN77” exclusive for off-price retail operations via trade fairs, e -commerce portal, virtual expos, and offline stores. Interdev Fashion is also an active distributor of premium brands in the region and owns luxury leather brands “Ferulle” and “Shuaat”.

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