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Complimenting data-driven business intelligence with comprehensive digital transformation strategies in all folds of the respective business ecosystem, we can easily strengthen any business plan and its ability to add value in the long run. Plotting on this very essential idea and upholding the sanctity of non -partisanship, Interdev Group offers consultancy solutions in the following domains:

Interdev Business Intelligence

Interdev Contact Centre is a brand-new initiative from Interdev Technology which aims to revolutionize the customer communication & experience ecosystem, by providing modern, innovative, affordable, world-class solutions second to none.

This offshoot is led by a team of seasoned professionals with rich experience in industry-wise strategic planning, management, evaluation and forecasts. The consultancy also plays a major role internally by designing business solutions for various stakeholders of Interdev Group's entrepreneurial ecosystem and facilitate them to plug-in their ventures in to the inter-industrial platform

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