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Built on the strong foundation of trusted global partnerships and expert leadership, the business unit is established on 5 prime organizations


“Upholding the Intelligence of Data and Sanctity of Non-Partisanship”
“...We have two prime purposes: one, to act as an infrastructure partner for all businesses converging at the interdependent platform of its highly inclusive corporate strategy and two, to play an integral role in the post –oil-economy technology boom with active thrust in the areas of the ICT spectrum spanning from system integration to technology consulting…”

Interdev Technology started as an initiative to cater to the expanding IT hardware market, with an exclusive focus towards the corporate segment. The vision was to provide the best of the globally recognized products and services to the UAE market, by building strong and healthy relationships with the principals and other stake holders.


With industry know-how of 2 decades of UAE’s ICT market and the updated expertise for the region’s changing technology trends, Today, Interdev Technology is a premium technology organization in the ICT domain offers:

  • Technology Consultancy

  • IT Infrastructures

  • ICT System Integration

  • Managed Services



In the emerging post disruptive phase of present industrial revolution, this offshoot of Interdev Group is advancing into a new realm of  operations by increasing the portfolio of IT solutions encompassing cognitive products, kubernetes solutions, and particularly: IoT-Home Automation, IoT-Industrial Automation, IoT-Healthcare Automation.

Interdev Consultancy is an exclusive organization in post-disruptive consultancy solutions. Upholding the intelligence of data and sanctity of non-partisanship, it offers comprehensive consulting solutions under 5 domains:

  • Data Analytics

  • Corporate Strategy

  • Branding & Marketing

  • Valuation & Budget Planning

  • HR Productivity & Optimization

The offshoot is led by a team of seasoned professionals with rich cross-industrial experience in planning, management, evaluation, and forecasts.

The consultancy also plays a major role internally in the organization’s vision of “Interdependent Development” by advising various stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem who can plug-in their ventures into the inter-industrial platform of Interdev Group of Companies.

“…We believe that echoing the voices of opportunity & challenges associated with technological revolution to “inspire a collective opinion for a collaborative impact” is our humble contribution to the advancing excellence of this nation…”

TECHx is an exclusive media platform for technology affairs, facilitating the promotion of new technological innovations, product launches, and advocacy of exclusive market insights on technology and various other domains interdependent to technology.

“Addressing Businesses as an Ecosystem Where Creation of Market Place Forms an Integral Part”

Interdev Group of Companies’ strategic interest in e-Commerce is built on the vision of addressing businesses as an ecosystem where the creation of market place becomes an integral part. The e-Commerce offshoot provides services such as:

  • Consultancy in digital marketing and e-commerce

  • Trading, sales & marketing services for products on popular e-commerce websites

  • Market place for authentic brands to sell their products

With a vision of championing the gospel of ever changing technological trends, TECHx media platform has active operations covering the scope of:

  • Content Creation

  • Deployment Platforms

  • Digital Media Syndication

  • Strategic Events

  • TECHx Awards 

  • Media Campaigns

  • Technology Advocacy

“Bi-Focal Green Approach”

Our offshoot in fashion encompasses the diversity of brands spanning from “heritage” to “futuristic AI designed”. The varied interest in fashion has its deep roots in the vision of a “Bi-Focal Green Approach” of preserving the past and transcending human experiences with a strong sense of environmentalism.

The offshoot also has a premium design house (Ferrulle & Shuaat) for “heritage” brands in leather products.

Ferrulle & Shuaat is a leading design house (New York) where we redefine luxury for the 21st century. Today our design minds put together over a 50 years of expertise in the leather industry and utmost authenticity in innovation. Ferrule & Shuaat products represent a pinnacle of New York fashion and quality craftsmanship. A free-spirited approach and limitless creativity fuels Ferrulle&Shuaat to further reinforce its position as one of the most desirable accessories and lifestyle brands around the world

Interdev Consultancy
Interdev Technology
TECHx Media
Interdev Fashion
Interev E - Commerce
Become an impetus force in the region during the epoch of a colossal cognitive infrastructural intelligence boom

- Corporate Strategy, Interdev Group

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