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We have active business interests, organizations, and brands in the areas of technology, business consultancy, media, fashion, and e -commerce.


Al Hamami Technology

Al Hamami Technology is a value-added reseller and wholesale ICT marketplace headquartered in KSA. Strategically forging its ties with Dubai's most high-end brand in ICT system integration “Interdev Technology” in 2020, the organization has expanded its services to the breadth and depth of the MEA region through the iconic launching of MEA's First Offline & Online ICT Superstore in Dubai. And In collaboration with numerous global brands, Al Hamami Technology acts as a single platform for the entirety of ICT solutions and services within the scope of client computing & workstations, server & storage, video surveillance, access control, document imaging, wireless & networking, components, gaming, mobility & lifestyle, personal storage, power solutions, audio visuals and backup & disaster recovery


Owing to our legacy in system integration and ICT distribution in MEA region over the first two decades, we had this unique opportunity of analyzing the pulse of the ICT boom in close range and thus making visionary initiatives in the emerging technology landscape of the region. Middle East is gaining an unprecedented strategic importance in the global map in an evolving market scenario. The region's transformation from an oil economy to AI based economy is clear and evident. With the power of the disruptive capital and the promises of AI contribution to the GDP, Middle East is going to be the cradle of technology in the upcoming decades. This phenomenon will eventually pave its way to the birth of the next generation “Silicon Valley” in the heart of the Arab land.

Interdev Group is one of the early visionaries to build on this opportunity. The organization's initiatives in technology has two prime purposes: i) to act as an infrastructure partner for all businesses converging at the interdependent platform of its highly inclusive corporate strategy and; ii) to play an integral role in the post oil economy technology boom with active thrust in all folds of ICT spectrum.

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Interdev Technology

Interdev Technology started as business initiative to cater to the expanding IT hardware market, with an exclusive focus towards the corporate segment. The vision was to provide the best of the globally recognized products and services to the UAE market, by building strong and healthy relationships with the principals and other stake holders. With industry know-how of 2 decades of UAE's ICT market and the updated expertise for the region's changing technology trends, Today, Interdev Technology is a premium technology organization in the ICT domain offering:

• IT Infra. & System Integration

• Cyber Security

• Cloud Deployment

• Business Applications

• AV & ELV Systems

• Software & Innovation

• Technology Consultancy

• Micro IT Services


Business Consultancy

compliment data-driven business intelligence with comprehensive digital transformation strategies in all folds of the respective business ecosystem, we can easily strengthen any business plan and its ability to add value in the long run. Plotting on this very essential idea and upholding the sanctity of non -partisanship, Interdev Group offers consultancy solutions in the following domains:

• Vitalization of Business Sustainability

• Acceleration of Business Scalability

• Synchronization of Stakeholder Relationships

• Optimization of Business Outcome

Interdev Business Intelligence

Interdev Business Intelligence is a boutique consulting firm specializing in post-disruptive consultancy solutions. The firm offers comprehensive consulting solutions in 4 domains:

• Data Analytics

• HR Productivity Optimization

• Learning & Development

• Digital Transformation

This offshoot is led by a team of seasoned professionals with rich experience in industry-wise strategic planning, management, evaluation and forecasts.


The consultancy also plays a major role internally by designing business solutions for various stakeholders of Interdev Group's entrepreneurial ecosystem and facilitate them to plug-in their ventures in to the inter-industrial platform.



Interdev Group has initiated its activities in media, starting with an exclusive media platform for technology affairs to accelerate platformization opportunities in the ICT segment and to advocate the digital transformation in the region. We believe that echoing the voices of opportunity & challenges associated with various industries to “inspire a collective opinion for a collaborative impact” is our humble contribution to the advancing excellence of this nation.


TECHx is an exclusive media platform for technology affairs, facilitating digital transformation in MEA by promotion of new technological innovations, product launches, and advocacy of exclusive market insights on technology and various other domains interdependent to technology. With a vision of championing the gospel of ever-changing technological trends, TECHx media platform has active operations covering the scope of:

• Content Creation

• Virtual Platforms

• Digital Media Syndication

• Content Creation

• Virtual Platforms

• Digital Media Syndication

E - Commerce

E - Commerce

Exploring the new spectrum in the “Blue Ocean” space, we also have significant aspiration to pioneer in new born market places. Evolving on this insight, our organization has two prime interests in the E -Commerce domain: i) helping enterprises to strategize and scale in E -Commerce platforms; and ii) developing exclusive and authentic market place with highly engaging and distinctive buyer-seller user-interface and user-experience for businesses to cater to a precise target audience.


Interdev Digital Commerce


Interdev Digital Commerce is the e -commerce offshoot of Interdev Group providing services such as:


• Consultancy in digital marketing and E -Commerce

• Trading, sales & marketing services for products on popular E -Commerce websites

• Market place for authentic brands to sell their products

Interdev Group initiated its activities in the fashion industry with a “Bi-Focal” approach of: i) preserving the legacy and values of our heritage and culture, and ii) transcending the customer's fashion experience by leveraging emerging technologies.


When human experiences get transformed at conjecture of an AI revolution, fashion is one of the hot spots to look out for the visible signs of the AI impact. Fashion industry adopting the emerging technologies of the present Industrial Revolution should be a clear indicator of how AI is going to impact all walks of human life.


Interdev Fashion

Interdev Fashion is MEA's first corporate initiative to popularize high fashion in the day-to-day lifestyle of the region. Acting upon this vision, the organization has launched the brand “OGIN77” exclusive for off-price retail operations via trade fairs, e - commerce portal, virtual expos, and offline stores. Interdev Fashion is also an active distributor of premium brands in the region and owns luxury leather brands “Ferulle” and “Shuaat”.

Ferrulle & Shuaat

Interdev Fashion manages two premium fashion houses for “heritage” brands in leather products – Ferulle and Shuaat. Ferrulle and Shuaat are leading fashion houses based in New York specializing in the design and sale of high-fashion leather products such as shoes, belts, wallets, purses, bags and other accessories

Creating interdependent businesses that stand the test of time

- Corporate Strategy, Interdev Group

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