Creating interdependent businesses that stand the test of time!


Interdev Group of Companies is a Dubai based business union with a legacy spanning over 20 years. We have diversified initiatives in the areas of consultancy, technology, media, fashion, and e-commerce. The organization is an inclusive inter-industrial platform built on the visionary spirit of embracing a post-disruptive interdependent development for various stakeholders of the

entrepreneurial ecosystem to plug-in their ventures. With a vision of encouraging entrepreneurship to stand the test of time, the organization upholds the promise of three commitments for every business joining the union: financial success, enhanced brand equity, and domain-specific professional prowess with a futuristic thrust!

"Become an impetus force in the region during the epoch of a colossal cognitive infrastructural intelligence boom"

Reports show that by 2030, AI technology is expected to contribute over 14% of the UAE’s GDP. However, the massive deployment of the complex AI systems into the B2B and B2C markets is more of an educational and advocacy process. We believe that echoing the voices of opportunity & challenges associated with technological revolution to “inspire a collective opinion for a collaborative impact” is our pursuit towards achieving a sacrosanct position in this futuristic movement. 

"Creating interdependent businesses that stand the test of time"

Evolving as a platform where entrepreneurs enjoy the quintessence of collaboration for sustainable and guaranteed development, the business union adheres to the profound belief that an Inter-Industrial Interdependence is the innate behavior of any business in a post-disruptive era. Developing the convergence of diverse and interdependent businesses from various industries upon a “Blue Ocean Strategy” of exploring the unknown market spaces untainted by competitions, the organization aspires to create businesses that stand the test of time! 

"Connecting Dots"

Inspired by the thoughts of Steve Jobs, the union feels honored to echo "connecting dots" as the slogan for our corporate movement. Looking back to pages of history and forward to the "countdown to technological singularity"; this agglomeration is raised on the pillars of humanism. "Trust" is the foundation upon which it's erected. 


Advancing on the strong foundation of trusted global partnerships and expanding portfolios led by a team of business evangelists and serial entrepreneurs, we are strategically headquartered in the heart of the Arab land.


Office 213, Al Nasar Plaza, 
Oud Metha, Dubai, UAE

P.O 62825

Tel: 043459939

"Become an impetus force in the region during the epoch of a colossal cognitive infrastructural intelligence boom"

Interdev Group

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